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It’s been about two months since my last GG, and I’m sorry about that. As I mentioned previously I had a bit of a hiatus due to school and health issues. ANywhooserrrr, due to that you’re getting TWO GG’S this month. The first is a leg tattoo, phat azz/cute azz appliers also included! The second is a ring version of my blue/black eyebow. I hope you guys love them <33

Remember to wear your group tag.

Get ‘em >HERE<

Hi guys!! I know , I know, I’m late. I’m not dead( sorta), school and health issues got in the way. Anyway! This is my newest release!I’m slowly learning to mesh and everything you see released from The Horror! from now on, is 100% original mesh. This release is a simple (tintable) tattoo and nose ring, to give any look a bit of edge. I hope you guys like! <33 

Come get it »HERE«!

NEW REELEEEASSEE :D!!! I’m so excited about this one since it’s my first completely original mesh. I hope you guys like. The Eyebow comes in 4 variations, and has a resizer for you to fiddle with. Come and get ‘em!


HEYYY GUYS! happy valentine’s dayyy!! So I set a makeup giftie for my groupies ‘cause I love y’all so…HERE YA GO!

It will be out for a week, then get taken down, so go get ASAP!

Also, remember to wear TH! group tag. 



GUESSSSS WHO’S BACK?!?!! SO! The Horror! is now officially re-located and properly set up.RE-OPENING DAY IS HEEERE! TH! Is now located next to the new collective, NOUVEAUX. I’m so excited about it. Aywhoooseers, let’s get to the stuff. I have TWO new sets of releases for you guys, the Lola Dress and Space Socks. The dresses come in the standard mesh sizes, and the socks come with Slink and Phat/Cute Azz appliers! I hope you really like them. <333 Also, February’s group gift is out for you guys, in the form of a Lola dress. GOGOGO GET IT.  Group is still free to join, and make sure to wear your group tag when grabbing it.  Alsooo, take a risky dive in the Nouv waters, and find yerself mighty treasurress YARRR! No seriously go look for Nouveaux Mini-Hunt treasures ;). 


Hey guys!Happy NEW YEAR!

The Horror! is holding a storewide sale, everything now 50% off!

I will be moving locations soon so, go now before relocation!

Just pay the vendor the full price and it will refund you half :D

The store will move and sale will end in an undetermined amount of time so visit nownonwownow! <33


P.S. if you have any issues, let me know and I will get back to you ASAP.

So! This gift is loooooooooooooong overdue, but here it is. An exclusive version of Toes for all my lovely groupies ;). However I realize not everyone owns Slink feet (if you can, do it,they’re amazing) therefore, I also made a nice red lippy “Sandy Claws”! It is a tattoo layer, but also comes with a Loud Mouth applier (pictured above). Since I’m so late with this gift, it will also be available during all of January. Remember to have the group tag active.  Enjoy!



Hi there pretty people! Err…so…there’s basically a week left of December. I’m soo sooo sorry about being so late, but I had to focus on school first and henceforth only had time to work on something very recently. Anyway,s here it is! TOES! Toes are slink shoes (for mid feet) and come in five colors . Aren’t they toetally (huehuehuehue) creepy! Hope you like <333

Cost: 99L


»In-World Taxi«

Helloooooo people of tumblr! YES, FINALLY I have released something new.The brand spankin’ new ‘tude sweaters.And yes, they are full of attitude. They come in 5 different designs, and can be worn with or without leggings. Hope you all like! <3

Cost: 150L

Get ‘em at the MP


»Taxi to Mainstore!«


So the sale is over (I left it running one more day ‘cause I got too lazy to take stuff down haha!), and I took down 4/5 “Croppy tops” and well…this is all that’s left. I just thought i was hilarious my vendor had no choice but to display the same shirt over and over.


Such variety. Much tops. Wow.

A Secondlife shop dedicated to all things creepy ,geeky, and cute. Need to contact me? Send a notecard to: horrorcherry

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