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HIYA GUYS! 90’s inspired chokers are hereeeee! They come in 6 different colors, and  you can save more than 50% by buying the fatpack! Come check em out hereeee:


Last but not least, I made a neck blender for the Physique. I hope you guys enjoy! It’s completely free so you don’t have to have a group tag active or anything. <3


SO! July is here, and so is a new group gift. This face tattoo was inspired by the lovely character, blink. You may or may not have seen her in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Anyway now you can come own this goodie!

Remember to wear the right group tag. <3


Hey guys! So I kinda missed messing around with makeup so, here’s my newest venture! This lip gloss is definitively vampire inspired, we know us vamp types need cute things during the summer as well. 

Come check it out, and enjoy!

Also check out the new store build <3






here’s some cutes in the meantime

I bet you guys thought I forgot about group gifts! HAH. A pillpurse for you guys! This version will not be sold, and will only be available through the month of June, go get it! <3

Remember the group taaaag.


Hi guys!! SO after many attempts and troubles, here is the newest release. I have been working on these babies for a while now and finally got them right.5 different pill purses, for whatever your style and aesthetics may be. So come over to TH! and get your fix (pun intended)! Hope you like. <3


It’s been about two months since my last GG, and I’m sorry about that. As I mentioned previously I had a bit of a hiatus due to school and health issues. ANywhooserrrr, due to that you’re getting TWO GG’S this month. The first is a leg tattoo, phat azz/cute azz appliers also included! The second is a ring version of my blue/black eyebow. I hope you guys love them <33

Remember to wear your group tag.

Get ‘em >HERE<

Hi guys!! I know , I know, I’m late. I’m not dead( sorta), school and health issues got in the way. Anyway! This is my newest release!I’m slowly learning to mesh and everything you see released from The Horror! from now on, is 100% original mesh. This release is a simple (tintable) tattoo and nose ring, to give any look a bit of edge. I hope you guys like! <33 

Come get it »HERE«!

A Secondlife shop dedicated to all things creepy ,geeky, and cute. Need to contact me? Send a notecard to: horrorcherry

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