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Coming soon to The Gathering. will update with slurl when available!!!!


HI! I have a new release for y’all!  So this time around I have made a cute, but totes creepy coffin backpack! You can carry all kinds of weapons schoolbooks and stuff. All 6 colors are in a pack, and are materials enabled.

Also, it’s that time of the month. No, not that time, the other time….GROUP GIFT TIME!!    

The Horror!~ September Group Gift

I hope you like!



Hi guys! I have made a bloody rusty bat, so you can prepare for the oncoming zombie apocalypse! It also has other uses (such as hitting your friends). It comes in 3 shades of wood and scripted and unscripted. Enjoy!!


apply here: [x]

HI! Today I have released my first texture hud able object, in the form of horns! These should give any outfit a bit of an edge, and maybe even add a speck of cuteness Hope you like! <33


Heeeeeya! NEW RELEAAASE! I’ve been wanting to do these for a while but they seemed to be cursed. Finally, they are done. They come in 8 colors, and if there isn’t a color you would like, you can totally tint the white one (or any of them really). Hope you like! <3


I’ts group gift tiiiiiiiiime!
So the physique has been out for a while now and I feel like it’s time for us to get tatted up. So I made two cute tattoos for us to enjoy (moon power and no ragrets)! If you don’t have the physique yet, do not worry, I have also included regular tattoo layers, so no one is left out. 

Remember to wear your group tag.

Enjoy! <3


Hey guys! I made some nails!! These are my first Slink nails and I’m quite proud. Anyway they come in 3 metals, silver, gold, and gunmetal.Now your nails can shine bright as your futureee (corny). 

Come find ‘em hereee:


HIYA GUYS! 90’s inspired chokers are hereeeee! They come in 6 different colors, and  you can save more than 50% by buying the fatpack! Come check em out hereeee:


Last but not least, I made a neck blender for the Physique. I hope you guys enjoy! It’s completely free so you don’t have to have a group tag active or anything. <3


A Secondlife shop dedicated to all things creepy ,geeky, and cute. Need to contact me? Send a notecard to: horrorcherry

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